Automobile, Liability and Property Damage Claims

Automobile claims arise out of injury to others or damage to property of others (including their vehicles) arising out of the maintenance, operation or use of the insured vehicle. Depending on the type of coverage provided by your policy and the laws of your state (no fault or uninsured motorist laws), claims may also arise out of injury to yourself and members of your family or damage to the insured vehicle.

  • Secure first aid for the injured persons, if necessary.
  • Do not admit liability or offer any payment.
  • Secure names and addresses of all injured persons, all drivers, and all persons suffering property damage.
  • Secure names and addresses of all witnesses.
  • Call the police. Take officer’s name and badge number.
  • Do not discuss the accident or give information to anyone except the police or your Claim representative.
  • Report full details of the accident to Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company as promptly as possible using the automobile accident report form.
  • In the event of serious injuries, telephone Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company at once.
  • If ever served with a summons and complaint, or a writ, it is urgent that it be directed to Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company the same day. An answer must be filed with the court within a given time period. Legal papers turned over too late to file an answer will result in a default judgment.

Worker's Comp Claims

If you have an on the job injury; take these steps immediately:

  • Secure first aid for the injured employee, if necessary.
  • Complete the form “Employer’s First Report of Injury”(or, if 1-800 reporting is requested by the carrier, call the 1-800 number at once.) Fax a copy of the “Employer’s First Report of Injury” to Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company and a copy to the WC carrier (if 1-800 reporting there’s no need to fill out the form, but please be sure to ask the carrier to fax/inform Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company of the claim for our records.)
  • All bills should be submitted to Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company for payment. The employer or employees should never pay the bill.
  • When you receive any medical bill or report, send it to Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company at once and include the following:
    • Company’s name and local address
    • Date of occurrence and employee’s name
    • Policy number
  • Remember Worker’s Compensation is a law enacted in each of the states in which there are various provisions applying penalties for late reporting or other non-compliance.

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